Sustainable Business Practices

With an increasing focus on sustainability from our clients, we recognize the importance of working together to achieve our shared goals.

DTZ’s partnerships have always been a key element of our business model and today those partnerships are as important as ever.  Our partners bring specific expertise including unique technology, process knowledge and skill sets, which combined with DTZ’s experience and capabilities, allow us to deliver innovative solutions to sustainability challenges.

Ethical Business Practices

DTZ is strongly committed to conducting all of its business activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards and business practices. We strive to achieve the highest standards of behaviour and accountability and demand that our people are honest in their dealings with each other and all external counterparties. Our people are required to:

  • Comply with all laws
  • Avoid actual and potential conflicts of interest
  • Refrain from giving or receiving improper payments, benefits or other gains
  • Provide quality service and good stewardship of assets to all stakeholders

We maintain a zero tolerance approach to any unethical behaviour from our people and maintain rigorous internal processes to ensure that our employees adhere to the laws, regulations and industry codes of conduct that support good business practices.

The foundations for ethical and responsible business practices are embedded in our values of integrity and honesty and openness in communications.

The framework to promote these practices across our businesses is reflected in our Code of Ethics, Global Fraud and Anti-Bribery Policy and our Whistleblower Policy.

Our Clients

Exceeding our clients’ expectations is a commitment which goes beyond providing consistent quality and reliability to delivering lasting value through progressive and sustainable outcomes.

Exceptional Client Service

The diversity of DTZ’s client base demands a multi-stakeholder approach involving collaboration internally, between our businesses and our people, as well as externally, with our technology and joint venture partners and our suppliers, to deliver outcomes which exceed our clients’ expectations.

DTZ has a highly diverse client base including government agencies, blue-chip corporates, private enterprise and public institutions, operating in many different and distinct geographical regions around the world.

We are focused on ensuring we fully understand our clients and their objectives as building enduring relationships not only enhances the services we provide but drives innovation and ideas which can be leveraged across our entire business.

We are not afraid to ask the difficult questions. We maintain an open and direct dialogue with our clients during and beyond a specific engagement. We also carry out studies to determine the satisfaction level of our clients, detect areas for improvement and identify opportunities where we can bring further value to enhance and sustain our clients’ assets

DTZ Sweden – Certified to ISO 14001 Stockholm, Sweden

DTZ Sweden is the first international real-estate adviser in Sweden with an environmental management system that is ISO 14001 certified.

DTZ Sweden recognizes that its business activities directly and indirectly impact the environment. It is our intention to operate our business in a manner sensitive to the environment, conserve natural resources, reduce waste, reduce our carbon footprint, and prevent pollution to land, water and air. DTZ Sweden regards the promotion of an environmental strategy as a key element in operating a successful business. DTZ Sweden appreciates that it has a responsibility to work mutually with internal and external stakeholders to deliver continual improvements in environmental performance.

How we ensure that our environmental objectives are met

To ensure that these objectives are met, DTZ Sweden will:

  • implement all reasonable measures to comply with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements.
  • strive to make continual improvements in environmental performance, including the establishment of relevant objectives and targets.
  • provide adequate resources, including the maintenance of working groups, to enable environmental objectives to be developed and delivered.
  • take appropriate steps to prevent pollution, minimize our negative impact on the environment, and conserve natural resources.
  • introduce appropriate forms of instruction, information, training and supervision to enable employees to assist us in meeting our objectives.
  • work with internal and external stakeholders to develop mutual solutions to improve environmental performance, where appropriate.
  • introduce suitable arrangements to allow for communication and discussion on environmental matters, including public reporting of our environmental performance.
  • undertake an annual review of our objectives, targets and performance and, where necessary, update this policy and any relevant procedures.


Employees at all levels must recognize that they have an important part to play in the success of this policy by:

  • complying with all DTZ Sweden environmental procedures and guidelines.
  • taking all reasonable care to prevent harm to the environment.
  • ensuring that all environmental incidents are promptly reported.


Improved environmental performance can be achieved only if suppliers adopt similar policies. Where appropriate, DTZ Sweden will expect its suppliers to:

  • develop and implement an effective environmental policy.
  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • comply with DTZ Sweden and/or local site rules or conditions.
  • take reasonable steps to prevent environmental damage and conserve resources in their activities.
  • ensure that all of their plants and equipment are properly maintained without risks to the environment.
  • cooperate fully with the nominated DTZ Sweden representative, including the prompt reporting of all environmental incidents.
  • strive for continual improvement in their own performance on the area of environmental management.

DTZ supporting school twinning project in South Africa Dublin, Ireland

DTZ supporting school twinning project in South Africa

DTZ as part of the Sherry FitzGerald Group in Ireland was instrumental in establishing the ‘Amawele’ initiative, which means ‘twin’.

Mark FitzGerald was the driving force behind Amawele. As a parent in Kildare Place National School in Dublin, and from his children’s involvement in a twinning project, he saw the potential from Irish schools engaging with schools in another country. Working with Amawele’s staff, and board, Mark’s vision is to develop meaningful partnerships between school communities in South Africa and Ireland, enabling the learning, sharing and experiencing of local knowledge and issues. Through Mark’s support, he has facilitated meetings with interested parties, has created funding opportunities for the organisation and has established a fundraising committee.

Amawele facilitates partnerships between schools in Ireland and South Africa, to promote cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries. Each school is twinned with one other, and the students and teachers exchange information to gain insight into some of the practical realities facing their counterparts.
Amawele is currently working with nearly 100 schools in the Eastern and Western Capes, that are now twinned with schools in Ireland identifying needs and supporting them through developing facilities, materials, training, food and healthcare.. The main focus is on raising the number of young people in South Africa who have access to properly structured education at both primary and second level.

Amawele´s aim in Ireland is to give Irish young people the opportunity to grow in understanding about the world in which they live and to develop a confidence about the difference that they as individuals, and their communities, can make in the world and in their own lives.

When a school builds a partnership with a school in another culture, it gains access to a whole new range of ideas, thoughts and experiences. Classes, sport, facilities and timetables are suddenly seen through a different set of eyes to those of that school’s pupils and teachers.

By helping to twin South African and Irish schools, Amawele is fostering a greater awareness of global issues, through real people and real experiences. We believe this enrichment of a curriculum benefits pupils and teachers from both communities – culturally, morally and socially.

Life is about people. Amawele’s twinning programme is about celebrating young people’s lives, broadening their horizons and fostering global citizenship.

Amawele does not simply consist of ‘Irish’ and ‘South African’ schools. Each school within the growing community has its own circumstances, location and story to tell.

Primarily, Amawele is a channel of communication. The primary resources Amawele offers those schools, therefore, are the website, liaison between schools, information and the administration resources of the Amawele offices.

Outside of the actual school network, Amawele will be helping young South Africans to access and benefit from education. This support ranges from facilities and materials within schools, to teacher training, and to food and support structures within the home.

DTZ continues to support AMAWELE by providing office space for the charity in Dublin.

DTZ Sweden supports the Swedish Cancer Society Stockholm, Sweden

DTZ Sweden supports the Swedish Cancer Society

DTZ Sweden supports Swedish cancer research by donating to the Swedish Cancer Society. DTZ’s effort is an important contribution in the fight against cancer.

About the Swedish Cancer Society

The Swedish Cancer Society is an independent non-profit organization with the vision of finding cures for cancer. The overall aim of the Society is to achieve a higher survival rate and a reduction in the incidence of cancer. Its main task is to raise and distribute money for cancer research. As the single largest financer of cancer research in Sweden, the Swedish Cancer Society essentially acts as a national research council.


As a non-profit organization, the Swedish Cancer Society receives no government funding and is therefore entirely dependent on donations. In 2011, the Society raised SEK 443 million. The main bulk of donations come from private individuals and companies, although legacies represent a significant proportion. In 2011, more than half of the total donations came from legacies. The donors can choose between a dozen different ways to support the Swedish Cancer Society. Fundraising activities are constantly developing to improve effectiveness.

The best-known and most widely spread fundraising activity is the Pink Ribbon campaign for breast cancer. Companies, organizations and private individuals all over Sweden take part in all kinds of different fundraising activities in the campaign month, which is October. The aim of the campaign is to finance research, increase awareness of breast cancer, and arouse public opinion within the breast cancer area.

The Swedish Cancer Society also aims to increase knowledge about the non-profit sector in general. Non-profit organizations operate under different conditions to public services and the private sector, and for as long as knowledge of their situation remains poor, non-profit bodies are obliged to adapt to the rules of play of other sectors. Along with 125 other fundraising organizations, the Swedish Cancer Society is a member of the Swedish Fundraising Council.

The mission of the Swedish Fundraising Council is to promote ethical and professional fundraising and improve the conditions for fundraising through political lobbying and negotiating with commercial suppliers. Ethical questions related to fundraising are very important, and the Swedish Fundraising Council has worked out standards and a code of conduct for its members. Since 2003, the Swedish Cancer Society has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, an international quality code, and is inspected in accordance with this international standard each year.

DTZ Singapore paints a picture of happiness Singapore

On the warm, sunlit afternoon of 18 January 2013, staff from DTZ Singapore got into their T-shirts, Bermudas, shorts and such, and literally rolled up their sleeves. Their aim was: to “vandalise” the walls of Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health (IMH) with graffiti – legally of course.

DTZ Singapore had partnered with home-grown social enterprise – Social Creatives – to engage the wider community beyond the confines of real estate business. Social Creatives specialises in community art, and with the Singapore government’s endorsement, had already beautified a number of public spaces with colourful murals ranging from striking showpieces to poignant vignettes of Singapore society, particularly focusing on the general populace living in the heartlands. While bringing the optimism of vibrant colours to the people at IMH was the next step for the social enterprise, it was a first foray into community art for DTZ Singapore.

A team of 27 colleagues, led by DTZ SEA’s Chief Operating Officer Ong Choon Fah, participated in the exercise, and over the course of the afternoon produced two art pieces, one of which is a cheery mural that featured verdant grassland cast against a clear blue sky; a flight of birds gently sailing across the expanse; lots of flowers flushed mellow pink; and, in the foreground, a vivacious butterfly – representing the recent transformational merger of DTZ with UGL Services –  tremendously enjoying it all. Talk about happiness!

DTZ SEA’s COO, Ong Choon Fah said: “We never expected to be able to paint a beautiful mural, but with some coaching and coaxing from the experts at Social Creatives, we actually unearthed some hidden talent! The event was a learning moment for us as it reinforces the time-honoured maxim that teamwork can help us achieve goals beyond the abilities of individuals. I hope that this collaboration will open our hearts and minds to spread kindness, and spur us on to more volunteerism and community engagement.”

In a milieu permeated by email, social networks, online portals, e-services and other artefacts of the electronic world, Social Creatives’ hands-on, bricks-and-mortar approach strikes a clear symbolic relationship with a number of DTZ’s core businesses including residential sales and leasing, township and facilities management.

Ong Choon Fah added: “While electronic platforms have enabled us to bring our value propositions to an entirely new level, at the end of the day, we still need first-hand, face-to-face interaction with clients and communities in the real world. As we tread the path of progress, we must always link what we do back to the fundamentals of our business so as to maintain a clear vision of where we are going and what we eventually hope to achieve. It is for this reason that our collaboration with Social Creatives takes on a deeper meaning.”

Coupled with a Go-Green exercise in 2012 that encouraged staff to conserve, reuse, recycle and reduce waste, DTZ Singapore’s collaboration with Social Creatives represents a broader and concerted effort towards corporate social responsibility, which earlier saw the firm signing up as a member of Singapore Compact, a national society committed to promoting corporate social responsibility amongst companies in Singapore.

Our Environment

In a rapidly developing world, protection of the environment is important to DTZ. We seek to minimize our impact on the environment through responsible business practices across our businesses globally as well as working in collaboration with our clients and partners to develop sustainable technologies and processes which address the broader environmental challenges we all face.

Our Approach

DTZ recognizes that environmental conservation is one of the most important issues our communities are tackling. We recognize the importance of maintaining a high standard of environmental care in conducting our activities. Across all of our operations, we are committed to minimizing pollution and contributing towards a sustainable future by operating in a manner that reaches a balance between environmental, technical, economic and social objectives.

All of our business operations apply DTZ’s Environmental Policy in order to minimize the impact on the environment.

DTZ’s most significant environmental impacts include:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions as a result of our energy use
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from business travel
  • The production of waste going to landfill
  • The environmental impact from our suppliers

Our Environment Policy seeks the combined efforts of all of our people and our subcontractors to ensure the effectiveness and success of our approach to environmental sustainability. It creates an overarching framework that helps us understand and manage the way our business directly and indirectly impacts the environment. It also assists in identifying environmental risks and opportunities in our business practices.

Our Approach

We believe every company has a responsibility to make more than an economic contribution to society.
This approach underpins everything we do. The essential property services we deliver improve people’s lives, every day.

Corporate Responsibility DiagramFor us, Corporate Responsibility is about creating a sustainable tomorrow, which means taking greater social, economic and environmental responsibility today.

Corporate Responsibility is fundamental to the way we do things at DTZ from determining our strategic goals to operating our businesses to managing our people and our stakeholder relationships.

Corporate Information

DTZ is a global leader in property services.
We build enduring partnerships, based on mutual respect and a shared understanding of each client’s diverse needs.

With beginnings in 1784, DTZ’s strength, stability and tenacity continue to sustain our growth. We invest in our people, who provide an outstanding client experience. Serving many of the world’s greatest companies today, DTZ’s 24,200 people in 209 offices in 52 countries offer integrated operations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Our pride in everyday excellence reflects the exacting requirements of occupiers, developers, owners and investors. Responsive and alert to today’s fast-evolving world, DTZ creates solutions for a safe and prosperous future. We are transforming the world of property services.