DTZ Sweden supports the Swedish Cancer Society Stockholm, Sweden

DTZ Sweden supports the Swedish Cancer Society

DTZ Sweden supports Swedish cancer research by donating to the Swedish Cancer Society. DTZ’s effort is an important contribution in the fight against cancer.

About the Swedish Cancer Society

The Swedish Cancer Society is an independent non-profit organization with the vision of finding cures for cancer. The overall aim of the Society is to achieve a higher survival rate and a reduction in the incidence of cancer. Its main task is to raise and distribute money for cancer research. As the single largest financer of cancer research in Sweden, the Swedish Cancer Society essentially acts as a national research council.


As a non-profit organization, the Swedish Cancer Society receives no government funding and is therefore entirely dependent on donations. In 2011, the Society raised SEK 443 million. The main bulk of donations come from private individuals and companies, although legacies represent a significant proportion. In 2011, more than half of the total donations came from legacies. The donors can choose between a dozen different ways to support the Swedish Cancer Society. Fundraising activities are constantly developing to improve effectiveness.

The best-known and most widely spread fundraising activity is the Pink Ribbon campaign for breast cancer. Companies, organizations and private individuals all over Sweden take part in all kinds of different fundraising activities in the campaign month, which is October. The aim of the campaign is to finance research, increase awareness of breast cancer, and arouse public opinion within the breast cancer area.

The Swedish Cancer Society also aims to increase knowledge about the non-profit sector in general. Non-profit organizations operate under different conditions to public services and the private sector, and for as long as knowledge of their situation remains poor, non-profit bodies are obliged to adapt to the rules of play of other sectors. Along with 125 other fundraising organizations, the Swedish Cancer Society is a member of the Swedish Fundraising Council.

The mission of the Swedish Fundraising Council is to promote ethical and professional fundraising and improve the conditions for fundraising through political lobbying and negotiating with commercial suppliers. Ethical questions related to fundraising are very important, and the Swedish Fundraising Council has worked out standards and a code of conduct for its members. Since 2003, the Swedish Cancer Society has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, an international quality code, and is inspected in accordance with this international standard each year. http://www.cancerfonden.se/sv/

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