Our Environment

In a rapidly developing world, protection of the environment is important to DTZ. We seek to minimize our impact on the environment through responsible business practices across our businesses globally as well as working in collaboration with our clients and partners to develop sustainable technologies and processes which address the broader environmental challenges we all face.

Our Approach

DTZ recognizes that environmental conservation is one of the most important issues our communities are tackling. We recognize the importance of maintaining a high standard of environmental care in conducting our activities. Across all of our operations, we are committed to minimizing pollution and contributing towards a sustainable future by operating in a manner that reaches a balance between environmental, technical, economic and social objectives.

All of our business operations apply DTZ’s Environmental Policy in order to minimize the impact on the environment.

DTZ’s most significant environmental impacts include:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions as a result of our energy use
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from business travel
  • The production of waste going to landfill
  • The environmental impact from our suppliers

Our Environment Policy seeks the combined efforts of all of our people and our subcontractors to ensure the effectiveness and success of our approach to environmental sustainability. It creates an overarching framework that helps us understand and manage the way our business directly and indirectly impacts the environment. It also assists in identifying environmental risks and opportunities in our business practices.

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