Commitment to Quality

The services we provide meet the highest personal health and safety and environmental protection standards.

Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal of DTZ’s delivery model. To help us achieve this goal, we are focused on ensuring the services we deliver and the products we manufacture meet the quality requirements of our clients around the world.

Through our continual investment in quality, DTZ has achieved a global ISO9001 registration under a single certificate, providing our clients with a consistent outcome wherever we do business.

We continually improve our services, products and processes using our quality management system and Six Sigma methodology, and by implementing changes required to maintain registration to the ISO quality standard.

To deliver continuous improvement, we implement an integrated, global approach that recognizes the interaction of every function and every activity we undertake.  By integrating systems which increase the effectiveness of our people, our ideas, our processes and our suppliers, we strive to keep defects, complaints and impact on the environment to an absolute minimum.

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