Ethical Business Practices

DTZ is strongly committed to conducting all of its business activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards and business practices. We strive to achieve the highest standards of behaviour and accountability and demand that our people are honest in their dealings with each other and all external counterparties. Our people are required to:

  • Comply with all laws
  • Avoid actual and potential conflicts of interest
  • Refrain from giving or receiving improper payments, benefits or other gains
  • Provide quality service and good stewardship of assets to all stakeholders

We maintain a zero tolerance approach to any unethical behaviour from our people and maintain rigorous internal processes to ensure that our employees adhere to the laws, regulations and industry codes of conduct that support good business practices.

The foundations for ethical and responsible business practices are embedded in our values of integrity and honesty and openness in communications.

The framework to promote these practices across our businesses is reflected in our Code of Ethics, Global Fraud and Anti-Bribery Policy and our Whistleblower Policy.

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