Starting a Construction Project

Starting a construction project doesn’t happen overnight. There are many processes that need to take place before any work can begin. Every country has different laws that need to be followed. Breaking any of these rules can lead to huge fines and long delays. In some cases breaking building codes or rules can result in complete demolition of your new construction. Contact your local authority and find out about any permits and restrictions that concern your construction prior to beginning any work.

There are however basic guidelines that are Universal and can be expected no matter where you’re construction project is. Some of these are listed below…

Construction WorkerConstruction
Time frames are decided upon to coincide with renting arrangements or upon availability and the works begin. Specific on-site instructions for owners are established and communication lines worked out for payments and ongoing developments.

Upon reading the contract and specification brief there are usually questions to be asked and these will be answered to best of our ability. Finance will have to approved at this stage to proceed. Once the contract is signed and the 5% deposit is paid, then the process is in motion.

Make sure you get the proper type of insurance before you begin any type of construction. Home Owners Warranty is obtained for the project. Construction works and public liability insurances are in place and we are ready to go.

Building Liaison Officer
The Green Concepts Building Liaison Officer will guide you through the decisions that need to be made during the building process. For instance, choice of door handles, lights etc.

Progress Payment
Proper budget monitoring is key for all types of projects, including new construction. As each stage is completed or more than the majority of two stages are achieved then a progress claim in writing will be presented for payment. The progress payments continue until completion.

If a change to the plans is wanted or needed then this will be costed and presented to the owners for confirmation to proceed. Some variations can be expected in most types of construction sites. The following credit or extra cost will be due on the next progress payment.

When construction is complete, the site is tidied, temporary fences removed and certificate of occupancy obtained. Then the final inspection by owner and builder takes place.

After final payment is made and all keys and compliance certificates are supplied to the owner then the house is yours. A gift is presented at this stage as a goodwill gesture for your happy future.

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